About Us 

The AndreasAgro Company Group

AndreasAgro was established in 2010, mainly focusing on Danish agricultural market. The company offers personnel placement service for the Danish market, mainly for agricultural jobs, like:

  • cow farms
  • pig farms jobs
  • gardening jobs
  • picking fruit
  • cutting trees
  • jobs with agricultural machines

Terms and Conditions of the Jobs:

AndreasAgro Aps has the following minimum criteria of working in Denmark:

  • relevant work experience
  • fluency in one of the following languages: Danish, English, German, Norwegian or Russian
  • European Union citizenship


  • valid identification card or passport
  • bank account
  • system-free mobile phone
  • Official certificate of your permanent address: it is an official document of your valid registered data (it should be received free of charge on the spot)

About the Selection Process:

We demand the applications by written updated C.v. alongside with a photograph which will be followed by a live interview. The selection process consists of a few rounds, in which significant are: relevant work experience, preparedness, flexibility, on the other hand, fluency in at least one of the mentioned languages is important as well. In case someone is selected by our HR Team, we will prepare a contract for that person.

What We can Offer:

  • legal employment contract
  • competitive salary
  • detailed itinerary to the place of work of Denmark
  • free accommodation is provided at the place of work or nearby
  • 7/24 telephone helpdesk
  • there is no registrational or mediator fee

Services Provided During the Employment:

Our officially registered Danish partner signs a contract with its customers and employees regarding the operative Danish laws.

AndreasAgro organizes the selection and travelling of its future employees, furthermore, provides a continuous assistance and help during the whole employment.

On our websites you can find important information regarding:

– The ’Up-To-Date Jobs’: you can find all the areas here where we recruit new applicants
– ’About Denmark’: is recommended for those who would like to get to know the country better where you will work
– ’Useful Information’: which contains suggestions and official information regarding the law for foreign employees.

Our Customer Service Team and Management wish you the most success for your future employment!


AndreasAgro Kft. is a registered personnel service supplier and personnel placement company at ÁFSZ, our registrational number is 2719-1/2010-5100-746.

AndreasAgro Zrt. is a registered personnel placement company at ÁFSZ, our registrational number is 4940-2/2012-805.

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